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1 [Translation] WiNK UP May 2013 feat. Saga в Пт Апр 26, 2013 6:38 pm


Saga was given the opportunity to cosplay with a ‘doctor’ theme. The image was of Faust VIII from [Shaman King].
— Being too engrossed in their work, the staff laughed out loud when they saw Saga-sama coming out of the make-room (lol).
Saga: Nah, I myself was surprised (lol). There was a lot of request for me from fans and from people at the office, saying, “It’ll be great if you cosplay a doctor!”, so I did it. But it turns out I’m totally cosplaying as myself from the moment I first set foot in the visual kei scene (lol)

— Did you wear this kind of makeup back then?
Saga: That’s right. When I first began I had no idea what kind of makeup would be good in the visual kei world, so I learned by watching others, thinking, “Maybe like this?”. I did my own research and this was how it turned out (lol). Personally I was thinking of trying to cosplay Joker from the movie [Dark Knight], but when I completed the look, it was totally unclear who I looked like. I wonder if I was lacking the fitting factors, I’ll just entrust myself in everyone’s opinion. But I did have the interest of becoming a doctor, and since my mother is a nurse, she seemed like she wanted me to become a doctor. I myself, if there hadn’t been any hurdle in studying, I wanted to become a doctor as well. Knowledge and academic abilities are surely a necessity, but being a doctor isn’t just about seeing a lot of blood during surgeries and cutting up people. I think it’s impossible for people with common nerves. While I’m talking about this, although I might sound rude, but I think to possess an extraordinary willpower and curiosity, you need to have that small abnormal factor. Since I’m sufficiently abnormal, it’s clear (lol). I’m fine with seeing blood, and, not in the curiosity-seeking manner, I have interest in the human body. Since there are numerous curiosity-seeking occurrences in this world, and since by no means I am trying to affirm it, I absolutely don’t want to cause any misunderstanding. But I think that, whatever interests you, something will emerge out of curiosity. Don’t you ever wonder, when you see some kind of food that you’ve never eaten, “how does that taste like”? I can speak the same about the relationship between a man and a woman. I have interest in what I myself don’t possess. When I pick up movies to watch, I also choose the ones I’m interested in. That is also one of the things that intrigues me. Whatever it is, doesn’t it start from something that you’re interested in? The same goes with makeup and cosplay. It all starts from interest and curiosity. Wouldn’t it be good if I seized my personality from there?


* Translation by me. Credit like usual, ‘kay?
* Faust VIII from Shaman King (it so happens to be one of my favorite characters from that manga/anime!):

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