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Alice Nine
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1 About [Daybreak]'s lyrics. в Чт Мар 28, 2013 7:53 pm


About [Daybreak]'s lyrics.
— Did Tora-san leave any such request for [Daybreak] (’s lyrics)?
Tora: I said nothing this time.
Shou: Actually he (Tora) told me that this wasn’t a love song, but it should have the feeling of moving ahead. With that kind of sense, I wrote the lyrics.

— Personally, I was shocked with the “Because even your burden will become your wings” part.
Shou: There are lots of ways to explain it, but sometimes there are moments when the will to move and proceed straight ahead becomes a burden. On the contrary, there are also moments when the will to crawl away from the negative experiences of your past become your wings. This band, in its 8 years of activity, there were moments when we felt discouraged, but we received help from those around us, and that allowed us to keep moving forward. The feeling I had from this experience made the words came out naturally. I didn’t have the intention to say nice things, the words just unconsciously flowed out.

— I see. What’s Tora-san’s favorite part from [Daybreak]’s lyrics?
Tora: … That’s difficult. I think this song is easy to understand. It’s great. I wasn’t thinking much when I looked at the lyrics, but even when I listened to the song casually there was the urge to keep doing my best to move ahead. I think that was really awesome.

— I got the feeling that the final sentence, “Even without a form, this song will never fade, always be there”, concluded the entire lyrics.
Tora: For sure!
All: (lol)
Tora: As expected, Shou-kun is such an expert in writing lyrics.
Shou: Yay! I did it!
Tora: I thought it was easy to straightly write it down. But the way he arranged the words is really amazing.


* Excerpts from:
* This actually is not the interview I’m currently translating (I’m doing the other one from BARKS), so if anyone wishes to complete it, be my guest.
* I’m loving [Daybreak] even more… ♡

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