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1 Wink Up, February 2013 (vol. 61) в Сб Мар 23, 2013 4:01 am


This is an interview that continues from the one I translated earlier. After talking about cosplay the band members realize their ideas one by one. First one to do so is Shou.

Shou-kun has become a butler. Why did you choose butler cosplay?

Shou: I thought that butler would be good. Speaking of butlers, inside of me there’s a “capable man”.*Also I like the manga “Black Butler”. So I wanted to try dressing up as one at least once.

I see. In Japan there aren’t really any butlers.

Shou: Of course. In Japan there are almost no household butlers. Overseas they are just a normal part of culture. In Japan they’re still something out of anime. But for me since I used to work at a restaurant, somehow it has a similar feeling. Somehow even though I’m usually warm and fuzzy when an emergency occurs I go “Whack!” (laugh)

I see. Even though a butler is very devoted, it’s because it’s required by his job, but is Shou-kun normally the devoted type?**

Shou: Rather than being devoted I’d prefer someone to be devoted to me. No, rather than that, I wondered whether I’m the devoted type but before this there was a meeting and I had my fortune told by a fortune-teller so it seems like I’m the type that wants to be served. (laugh) But the truth is that I prefer to take care of someone so you can say I’m the devoted type. Yet I think always being the one who tries to please is no good. (laugh) It’s good when a person knows how to give and take. Since I was raised in an athletic environment I consider such things a matter of courtesy. I think not forgetting the favour you received from people and returning it properly should be the most basic rule. Thus the mentality of “Thank you” is fundamental. For the people who have this mentality you naturally want to do something. But if you work as a butler you would have to devote yourself completely.

The feeling of gratitude is essential in any type of relationship. What about love?

Shou: To avoid a one-sided relationship*** I want to both give and receive. I think it's good when a relationship has an equal power balance and you are mutually attracted to each other. In that sense it’s the same with fans. When we see them pleased we feel happy and that makes us want to write better songs and to play even more enjoyable concerts. I’m not the only one who feels that way. I think that it is because there is the other party that you have this feeling of wanting to please.

* a very capable worker, an image of a successful businessman
** tsukusu taipu means a person who’s very devoted to their occupation or duties. They often say that about housewives who go out of their way to please their husbands.
*** literally “one-way traffic”

It’s ok, Shou, we don’t buy what the fortune-teller said, Tora told us all about you being very tsukusu for him last December.
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