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Alice Nine
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1 GIVUSS--100 questions for Shou, 41-50. в Пн Фев 18, 2013 12:23 am


(Continuation of Shou’s 100 questions interview from when he was in Givuss.)

41. You see your girlfriend cheating! What would you do?
—Cry and run all the way home!

42. Name something you’d like to be able to buy easily.
—A mansion.

43. Do you like big breasts?

44. Is marriage different than love?

45. When do you feel happiest that you were born a man?
—All the time.

46. On the other hand, when do you wish you weren’t born a man?

47. What’s a sexy gesture a girl could make?
—It’s not about a gesture, it’s about her aura!

48. What do you do if you’ve bought some clothing and then realize it was a mistake?
—Revamp them to make them wearable.

49. Do you have a favorite phrase?

50. What would you do if the world was going to end in a week?
—It’ll never end for me!!

This interview is from the now-defunct Ark Project web site, an online/mail order style visual kei magazine. The last update to the site was in 2005. You can see the site (Japanese only) here:

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