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These two people’s meeting was at a venue… …
— NAOKI, Reika, Saga, and then Rui, recently it’s always connected to bassists.
[Saga] I’m sorry, it has somehow become totally bassist-related (lol). No, I said it was fine no matter whom I called, but then I thought what should I do… …
[Rui] Then why did I get nominated (lol)?
[Saga] Because it was easy to nominate you (lol).
[Rui] Ahahaha. Thank you so much! No, no, whatever the reason you have for calling me, I’m really happy!
[Saga] No, moreover, he’s really a good guy. With that said, Rui-kun came to watch our live at the 2012’s New Year’s Eve at Yoyogi second stadium! I was deeply touched! It wasn’t just an ordinary visit, that New Year’s Eve. Because of that, together with Rui-kun I entered the new year.
[Rui] No, no, I really wanted to come. I was glad I could come.
[Saga] I’m happy. BORN members also came.
— You have nice juniors, huh, Saga-sama.
[Saga] I really thought so.
— Did the first meeting between Saga-sama and Rui-kun begin in a senior-junior term in this company?
[Rui] No, that’s not it. We’ve met before. The first time I met Saga-san, it was a long time ago, wasn’t it?
[Saga] Yes. Quite a long time ago. If I remember correctly, it was before Alice Nine was formed.
[Rui] Yes.
[Saga] It was while I was in a previous, previous band. But we hadn’t talked a lot, right?
[Rui] That’s right. But there was once when Saga-san lent me his wireless at a live. During the taiban, our bands came out in order, he lent me the wireless. That was the time when I just started performing in a band, so I didn’t have many acquaintances. He really saved me. In the rehearsal my equipment broke, so I daringly approached Saga-san and talked to him, and then he lent me. I was so happy that he would willingly lend me his stuff.
[Saga] We only talked for a bit then, right. The impression I got from that time was surprisingly different. Afterwards, although we didn’t have the chance to talk, I occasionally took notice of him. I would sometimes open their homepage and thought, “Ah, he’s in this kind of band now.” I’ve been secretly checking up on him.
[Rui] Ahahaha. Did you really! Thank you so much!
— How long ago was that?
[Rui] Around 7, 8 years ago, wasn’t it?
[Saga] That’s right, I think it’s most likely around that. But when Rui-kun entered the company and joined SCREW, I didn’t notice him for a little while. It’s because his image was completely different.
[Rui] Also because my hair was really long then, right?
[Saga] Yes. You had a really edgy look. It was as if your fangs were glinting (lol).
[Rui] Ahahaha. That’s because I was so young back then (lol). My fangs have completely snapped now (lol).
[Saga] After a while, during a launching event somewhere I recognized Rui-kun and was like, “Eh!? Is that him!?”
[Rui] Before he recognized me, the truth is, although we passed by each other often in the company, I didn’t know when was the good timing to talk to him. It was hard to determine when the right timing was to bring up the talk of the past.
[Saga] Some other members of my band who knew Rui-kun in the past were also shocked. It’s because of his totally different image (lol).
— To that extent!?
[Saga] Yes. To that extent (lol).
— I see (lol). Although you’ve had lots of bassists meetings, was there a chance when you felt the mutual understanding that fellow bassists have between each other?
[Saga] I suppose there was. A bassist’s role is to support a band from the side, that’s what I think. For that reason, I feel this mutual understanding between each other. I think that Rui-kun, too, when you joined SCREW, you’ve also dealt with various problems. When I said problems, I saw this from a bassist’s point of view. Although I have no idea what the relationship is actually like between SCREW’s members, I think that Rui-kun is the person who has brought a nice harmony to the whole band.
[Rui] Thank you very much. For some reason, I’m so happy being praised by a senior. I’m a bit embarrassed, though (lol). But a bassist’s position is like that, huh. The sense of having to draw back one step, that kind of stuff. I totally understand that.
[Saga] That’s right.
— I see. So then, ever since your reunion, did you often hang out together?
[Saga] No. Since our bands were busy with this and that, and because the company scarcely held event lives, we didn’t get to meet often
[Rui] That’s true. But honestly, every once in a while I thought about inviting you. But since you seemed to be so busy, I didn’t do that.
[Saga] Reika-kun told me the same thing (lol). But then that’s not an invitation from me, that’s why I get to invite.
[Rui] Is that so!? Then, by all means do invite!
[Saga] Does Rui-kun drink sake?
[Rui] I do. Even when I’m alone at home, I drink.
[Saga] Really!? The truth is recently I’m growing old, so much so that I can’t stay away from beer. That’s why that, even before this, on the plane, I drank beer.
[Rui] Ahahaha. Me too. Once I come home, I’ll change into my loungewear, open the refrigerator, and opens a bottle (lol).
[Saga] Is that so (lol). Rui-kun, what do you do when you’re home?
[Rui] Watch movies or play games while drinking beer (lol).
[Saga] Don’t you go out and play with fellow bandmen.
[Rui] I do, every once in a while. I don’t always do that. Eating food, drinking, going to bed before spending some leisure time like that.
[Saga] Then, is it bad if Rui-kun spares a bit of space in his schedule for summer this year.
[Rui] Eh? Why do you ask?
[Saga] Let’s go visit KONAMI’s head office together.
[Rui] Eh? What is that, is it something you normally do? (lol)
[Saga] Yes, “Winning Eleven” competition. I’ve been participated in it for 2 years in a row, but doing it alone feels lonely. That’s why, this summer let’s go together.
[Rui] Saga-san is strong, right? I heard, you managed to win the competition until the next stage.
[Saga] Yes, somehow. I’m good at it, of course, as expected, but it’s not a gathering of skilful people.
[Rui] That’s because Saga-san is good (lol).
[Saga] No, although I thought I was definitely becoming good, there are still better people above the best. During the convention the players gather, and since I’m the only bandman attending, I’m really helpless. Honestly, talking about those awesome people, they carry this peculiar atmosphere with them. When looking at my game from behind, they whispered while watching me playing, “No, it’s not like that. You make a wrong move.” As if they said to me,”What the hell is wrong with this guy !”
[Rui] Ahahaha. That’s awesome (lol). As expected, a totally different group of people (lol).
[Saga] That’s why, this summer let’s go together ! It felt really lonely.
[Rui] Ahahaha. Ok. This summer I will come together with you ! But, somehow I have a feeling that I’ll lose very quickly.
[Saga] No, no, no. I heard they are really strong~. I also heard ViViD’s Shin-kun is good. “I’m good at it,” he said so.
[Rui] Seems like he did say so (lol).
[Saga] And I D=OUT’s Minase also said, “I’m strong” too.
[Rui] Huh? But Minase-kun told someone else he’s weak (lol).
— Isn’t he telling just about everyone!?
[Rui] I wonder (lol).
[Saga] That’s why, I’m not saying I’m strong, but I suppose Rui-kun strong.
[Rui] No, no, no (lol).
[Saga] I hear Rui-kun played soccer, right?
[Rui] I did.
[Saga] I’ve only just become a soccer fan recently so I won’t be able to compete against someone who played it.
[Rui] Didn’t Saga-san play soccer?
[Saga] Yes. I watched the 2010’s World Cup and was really moved by it, and since then I became addicted. I had absolutely no interest in soccer before then. I knew nothing about it.
[Rui] Eh? For real!? I really thought you played.
[Saga] No, no. Absolutely no. I did baseball and judo (lol).
Soccer showdown game… …
— You don’t look like you play now.
[Saga] Right. From the day I started being in a band, I thought there’s just no way I could be a bandman without becoming skinny, so I worked hard to lose weight. In the past I loved sports so much, I did lots of sports. But I never did soccer. Although everyone around me was so hyped up about soccer, I still had no interest. But then, after watching 2010’s World Cup, that changed completely (lol). But because I don’t think I can catch up with what I missed by playing soccer now, I thought at least I wanted to be able to see it in my dream, and that’s the reason why I bought “Winning Eleven”. So, from that point on I learned about the history of soccer and got completely absorbed by it.
[Rui] So that’s the story! The image I got arbitrarily of you was that you played soccer and knew a lot about it.
[Saga] No, no, definitely no. For these two years I searched about soccer from books and internet like crazy, and the next thing I knew I felt like I had found out a lot about it.
[Rui] That was unexpected.
[Saga] Is Rui-kun a forward?
[Rui] No, I’m a defensive midfielder.
[Saga] That is certainly your own wish?
[Rui] No. The coach said to me “your place is here” (lol). I really wanted to take the side position though. But then I was told, “That’s not your place. The way you distribute the ball fits more toward the front, so you play center”, and that’s how I got my position.
[Saga] He~. That kind of stuff happens, huh!
[Rui] Seems like it. My height hasn’t changed since middle school. I’m really huge back then, that kind of stuff exists too. So I’m asked to block the opponent’s dribble, and then pass it over. It was a rather plain position.
[Saga] No, actually I like that kind of player. In a band, that will be the bassist, right.
[Rui] Ah, that’s for sure (lol).
— From Rui-kun who has real experience in soccer, which one is more difficult, soccer in video games or in a real match?
[Rui] It’s definitely difficult in games. Compared to a real match, in a game things don’t go as I expect them to. In a real match, in terms of passing a ball to a certain direction, there are various difficulties like I would considerably fail if I do it like this or that.
[Saga] He~ is that so. I know nothing else but games. I have no idea that there are such difficulties. I’m regretting more of not getting to know soccer much sooner. If I had known I would have gotten into it. Not only limited to soccer, but I think it’s awesome to have a passion about something. Since I’ve gotten addicted and I’ve set my heart to it, I regularly buy this monthly magazine titled “Soccer King”. And I’ve also subscribed to other monthly soccer magazines. The bookcase in my room is full with books about soccer (lol)
[Rui] Do you watch J-league?
[Saga] I do. I think I can’t only watch the foreign leagues. I check them up diligently. Of course, since I’m Japanese guy, I ought to know about Japan’s team. It’s awful if you turn into a Japanese person who only watches foreign leagues and only listens to western music.
[Rui] Ahahaha. You’re connecting those cases (lol). Do you have a favorite team?
[Saga] I have none in particular, but I guess I like Kashiwa Reysol. When I watch them in a match, I think that they’re a great team.
[Rui] Oh! I also like Kashiwa Reysol.
[Saga] They’re a great team, right. In that respect, I love watching the team and their play.
[Rui] I understand! Somehow, the feeling they give off as a team when they’re battling is really good. They’ve gathered great players, but more than fighting with this kind of team, I think that the best thing is the team that gives the feeling they’re challenging the team-play of the whole players.
[Saga] That’s true.
[Rui] What’s your favorite foreign team?
[Saga] Arsenal.
[Rui] Oh~ I see. That’s great. To be honest I heard that they are a team that gathers highly paid players, so I can’t make myself like them. Whenever I see them in a match, I think stuff like, “Lose!” (lol).
— Ah, his fangs came out.
[Saga] Ahahaha. You got that right, his fangs showed up just now (lol). But I totally understand that! I’m the same too in that matter.
[Rui] (Name a specific team) That’s what you absolutely think when you hear this, right.
[Saga] I understand that feeling! It’s really so.
[Rui] Right!
[Saga] I thought, is it really okay to build a team that only consists of overly paid players!
[Rui] Absolutely, huh!
[Saga] If you have so much money, give me some! Something like that.
[Rui] Piling money to that extent in a team, at any rate, even if they get players in, no one will last for more than half a year!
[Saga] That’s right!
— Umm, excuse me. But this is turning into the kind of talk that old men have while drinking sake and coiling pipes… …
[Saga] Ah, that is so (lol).
[Rui] Ahahaha. This is not a talk that goes around public place (lol).
[Saga] I’m proud of myself being an Arsenal fan. It’s because I have to appreciate the players that come out of my own place. I think that that kind of place is also important.
[Rui] It is important! It’s definitely not about money!
[Saga] That’s right, that’s right! But, certainly money is essential, huh (lol).
[Rui] For people like us money is really essential (lol).

[ORICON STYLE editor] So then, shall we witness the battle that’s going to happen here?
— Eh!? Starting now!?
[Saga] The truth is you’ve already got the setting (lol).
[Rui] That’s great! But I’ll surely lose in an instant. Should we become opponents?
— I don’t understand soccer, so I can’t do a live coverage… …
[Saga] That’s alright! The game will give the live report, so you can just announce the final result (lol). Okay then, without delay (fully motivated).
— (Both people choosing players and teams) Saga-sama’s team is Manchester United, Rui-kun’s is Real Madrid.
[Saga] The one wearing white uniform is Rui-kun’s, mine is the one with red uniform.
[Rui] Yosh. Let’s do our best!
— (A brief moment into the game). These two are showing their completely defenseless faces (wry smile). Have a treat of these photos of their real appearances (lol).
[Saga] Uwa! This is bad! Rui-kun is strong!
[Rui] (Frantic) Uwa! Dangerous, dangerous! Yosh! (Goal)
— Rui’s team just made a goal! He just took the first move! The guy who holds the 16th position in Japan, Saga, are you in a pinch!? Are you losing?
[Saga] Yosh! (Goal)
— Ah, it’s a tie! Hang on. It’s going to be boring if it’s a draw… … … (afterwards, Saga scores another point, Saga’s victory)
[Rui] No~ as expected, Saga-san is really strong!
[Saga] No, no, Rui-kun is too~! That was an awesome match! It was so much fun! Without a doubt we should go together to KONAMI summer this year!
[Rui] Okay, with pleasure (lol).
— So with that, this time I have brought you an unusual relay broadcast from a game.
[Saga] It was exciting!
[Rui] It was really fun! Thank you so much. In this chance, please invite me to play again! Please train me!
[Saga] Likewise, absolutely! We’ll do this again some other time with seriousness!
[Rui] Definitely! Thank you so much.
[Saga] You’re welcome, thank you too. (Speaking to himself) Oh no… … Rui-kun is really strong.

Translation by: @Alice9_INA and @screwINA_fans

Note : Please credit when re-posting this translation, thank you

~~~Случайности не случайны~~~


Сага фанат футбола вот уже более 2-х дет Оо Ёжкин кот!!! В конце играли в футбол на приставке. Сага выиграл. Я думала по кадрам что сага проиграл, а тут оказывается все наоборот

~~~Случайности не случайны~~~

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